ACU Archery Safety Lock metal

Product Ref: 107785

Price: €35.00

The ACU Lok was designed to provide protection, whether it be retailers protecting merchandise, customers protecting their investments, or parents protecting their children. With the ACU Lok it is no longer possible to dry fire your bow resulting in your archery equipment broken into pieces.

Product specifications Econo ACU Lok

  • Designed by hunters and archery pro shop employees
  • Molded ABS construction
  • Keeps bow from being drawn
  • High volume affordability
  • Built to withstand repetitive use
  • Adjustable to most limb dimensions
  • Fits most compound bows and crossbows
  • Key operated
  • Theft deterrent
  • Dry fire protection
  • Great for states/countries with laws that make you have your bow in a case or unshootable when out of the field.


prices from €8 to €30