Hoyt Compound Bow Hyper Edge 2016

Product Ref: 111320

Price from: €1295.00

HyperEdge. Steady performance. Pure success.

Building upon the success of its ProEdge predecessor, the HyperEdge brings enough performance-enhancing upgrades to make any medal-seeking shooter hyper. The HyperEdge adds the all-new UltraFlex limbs, DFX Cams, with optional limb stop, and proven Zero Torque Cable Guard System to a dominant array of existing Hoyt Technologies. That means a high-power, torque-free shooting experience with the stability of a broad string angle and a rock-solid back wall. The HyperEdge is the most aggressive shoot-thru riser design Hoyt has ever engineered. Hyperventilating? You should be. HyperEdge.


  • Axle-to-axle: 36” // FPS (ATA): 325
  • Brace height: 7” // Mass weight: 4.5 lbs.