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Price: €517.00

The Montana longbow was first introduced in the late 90s and has become a very popular for its clean and classic form. This bow was designed by one of Fred Bear’s long-time bowyers, Grant Neil Byce II. The bow’s slightly reflexed design, tapered limb lamination, leather grip, and slim tips make this longbow big on performance and value.


  • Riser – made of black Dymondwood®
  • Leather grip – the leather "shoot-off-the-shelf" arrow rest allows for clean arrow flight
  • Limbs – overlaid with clear white maple, backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass
  • Tips – handcrafted with layered black and white fiberglass


  • 64" AMO Length
  • Dynaflight 97 Flemish String

Available in

  • RH 30-60# (increments 5 lbs)
  • LH 45-55# (increments 5 lbs)

* String included