Product Ref: 110639

Price from: €660.00

The Win & Win Wiawis One is new concept limb that combines advanced manufacturing technology and Flaxpreg with eco-friendly natural materials. Flaxpreg is made of natural fibers and epoxy resins. This material has never been used in archery manufacturing before. Flaxpreg is environment-friendly material, and its twisted structure enhances the vibration damping effect in shooting. Win & Win applied high strength and high modulus carbon fiber to the limbs for the first time. Using Nano carbon, which is much stronger and has greater vibration absorption qualities than carbon fiber, has upgraded the bow technology and performance.


The lumber that has been used in Win&Win’s wood core is selected by quality specifications and sorting process for indefectible limbs. By combining of nano carbon that has extremely high strength and vibration reduction, the Wiawis wood core limbs feature a stable feel at full draw and are extremely powerful at the moment of release. It enables more constant and powerful shooting with enhanced arrow grouping.